Meet Our Playmate of the Year Susan Hoff

with Susan Hoff / @OathandGrind

Photographer Sarah L. Glabman /

Hair & Makeup by Leiah Scheibel & Lisa Opie

Wardrobe Styling Joey Rolon

We are so excited to feature you as Playmate of the Year. Your Playmate feature in Australia was stunning! How do you feel about being Playmate of the Year? I’m still in awe! My first feature in Playboy was only in December 2023. To be selected as PMOY just 6 months later in Sweden is a wonder. Tack så mycket! I’m honored and pleased you’d feature a seasoned model like me.

How do you balance your roles in business,family, along with being an International fitness competitor, and now Playmate of the Year? Carefully? I live by my calendar as all of my roles require a set travel schedule and a well-balanced daily diary of commitments. When I’m on set, or in the gym, or with my family that’s my focus. I’m excited to see what new opportunities being PMOY brings me.

Are you a bikini or lingerie kind of girl? Would you be surprised if I said both?

What are three things you cannot live without? My mobile phone, my passport and my family.

What are your favorite travel destinations, and why? All of France for the Champagne, wine, and iconic fashion houses. The south of Italy for the food, hospitality, and history. Tetiaroa of French Polynesia for the exclusivity, secluded beaches, romance, and an opportunity to wear my bikinis all day.

Lip gloss or lipstick? I’m a California girl always a tingly lip gloss.

Do you have a hidden talent that no one knows about? If so, please share with us! I can shot put. I learned when I was attending a Catholic all-girls high school known as the Convent. Competing on the track and field team after school was the one activity we practiced with the all-boys academy next door. I have a prized glide technique I learned from the regional champion and his coaching staff. Standing at only 5 feet 2 inches (157.5cm) at nearly 100 pounds (45.4kg) I was quite a sight in the circle gliding to the toe board while turning to put the shot the farthest. I chalk it up to dance and weightlifting.

Do you model some of these beautiful outfits for your significant other before you wear them on your shoots? Of course! Practice makes perfect.

Tell us about the day you did your photo shoot for Playmate of the Year, and what was going through your mind during the shoot. It started around 5 am with MUAH as my stylist laid out the day’s wardrobe he had sourced in Europe – including some he designed for me. Remarkably, the first scene was the one you selected for the cover. The sun hadn’t come out yet, the spotlights were blinding, it was freezing, and there was a fan blowing through my hair while I stretched into captivating poses on a classic leather bench where my Louboutin pumps covered more of me than my entire outfit. My photographer leaned out from behind her camera, winked, and said “Good Morning! It’s definitely a Playboy kind of day!” Which just set the mood as the next little lingerie outfit was unveiled. It was a sexy morning, I was feeling it and the lens captured it.

What would you like your followers to know about you? I enjoy expensive champagne, romantic travel destinations, strong lift sessions in the gym, and collecting bikinis from all over the world.

Where can fans find you on social media? Through my fitness modeling sites Instagram @OathandGrind Fb: Susan Hoff (WBFF Pro) web and of course my playmate cover feature on, as well as @Playboymag_SA, @Playboymagsweden, @PlayboyMagAustralia, @PlayboyMagNZ, @Playboy_Fi, and @PlayboyMagNorway on Instagram.