Irresistible Shiana Braeckman

with Playboy Finland December 2023 cover star Shiana Braeckman / @shianabraeckman

Makeup Maysa / @meetmaysa & Helly Alves / @makeupmiraclebyhelly

Photographer Jimmy James / @shotbyjimmyjames

How did you get started in the modeling industry? Actually, I didn’t get started in the modeling industry yet. This was my first professional shoot and I’m more than proud of it! I did do a little shoot here and there before, but more as a hobby!

Can you tell us about your first modeling gig? Like I said before, this was my first professional one. It’s unbelievable but true.

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far? My own project is ‘HIM’. It’s an exclusive Key Club for the rich and the famous with a very special concept.

What’s your secret to staying in great shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? My secret to staying in shape is going to the gym and being attentive to what you eat. I started this when I was younger because I was very small. I can say the gym and the squats I did really helped me grow.

What advice do you have for aspiring models trying to break into the industry? I’m still figuring it out, as I am new to myself. But believing in your dreams and going for them is really important. What I do know already is that contacts are really important! With the right people on your side, you stand strong!

Are there any models or fashion icons who inspire you? Lady Gaga! A woman who was always a little outside the box, but really persuaded all her dreams.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and industry developments? I read Vogue, haha! Also, social media really is interesting in our generation! You find so much online now.

Do you have a dream project or campaign you’d love to be a part of one day? Sure! I would love to grow more and more in the model industry and become the face of a famous brand.

How do you balance your professional career with your personal life and relationships? If you go after a professional career you have to go all the way! Meaning that your personal life is more in the background, but if you want to get to the top, you have to work hard for it! Obviously, I’m still young and maybe that is an advantage.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in your career as a model? I have yet to experience it.

Can you share some of your favorite beauty and fashion tips? A good eye and definitely lip make-up is loved by the man! Especially the powerful ones.

How do you handle the pressure of constantly being in the spotlight? I think that everyone loves being in the spotlight! But you always need to stay respectful to everyone and keep both feeds on the ground.

What are your go-to fashion staples or must-have items in your wardrobe? I have a custom-made Lady Boss jacket, that is full of leather, I’m really proud of this one.

What role has social media played in your modeling career, and how do you engage with your followers? Without social media, you can’t have success in the showbiz world these days. It’s a great way to grow and learn from other creators. Including my followers in my stories is something I like to do! Taking them with me and sharing behind the scenes for example.

What are your long-term goals and aspirations in the modeling industry? Reaching the top on an international level! Fashion cities like Tokyo, NY, and Milan.

Can you share some upcoming projects or ventures that your fans can look forward to? Is there a bigger project after being on the cover of Playboy?

Thanks so much for your time, Where can our readers follow you on social to stay updated on what you’re up to? They can follow me on my Instagram account, which is @shianabraeckman.