with Playboy Finland March 2023 cover star Victoria Snooks / @victoriasnooks

Such an absolute honor to have you on Playboy! Tell us about your daily schedule as a model, do you have a routine? Thank you so much for having me. I am so happy to be here. My routine just depends on my day. Some days are way busier and more hectic than others. I usually wake up, drink some coffee, and shoot on the days that I need to shoot. If I don’t need to shoot you can usually find me on the lake, or by a pool. I love being next to the water. 

How do you like to begin your day? My favorite way to start my day is to wake up before the sun rises, have some coffee, and journal. I love to write so I spend my mornings not only writing poetry but writing down my goals, everything that I’m grateful for, and my to-do list for the day.

What are some of your biggest dreams you hope to achieve? This is definitely one of them. But other than that, my biggest dream I hope to achieve is to make a change in the stigmatism that you face as being a mother in the adult industry. I want to empower women so that you can still be who you are and be a mother. You can have both; a private life and still be a wonderful mom. It’s possible. Being a mom is hard in general but it’s even harder when we get told what we can and can’t do because we are required to be a certain way based on unrealistic standards. When you become a mom you face the judgment that you have to dress like this, or do a certain job, and that shouldn’t be the case. You should still be allowed to flourish and authentically be you. 

What helps you decompress and relax? Sitting on a beach, listening to the ocean, and getting a tan. There is no place in the world that I would rather be. 

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? My best friend. She has by far been the most inspiring person to ever walk into my life. She is a complete and total boss babe who moves with power and grace. She has taught me to fight for what I believe in and never give up no matter how hard the battles may become. 

How romantic are you? At this point, I think I have a neon sign above my head that flashes “world’s biggest hopeless romantic” that men can read and know they can sweep me off my feet and I willingly fall for it every single time. I love, love. I know that’s so cliché but I will be the first to admit I am a total sucker for romance.

What is the most memorable date you’ve ever had? There are quite a few but my most memorable time being with someone was at a local dive bar. It was very last minute with a guy I met from mutual friends and he asked me to meet him for a date. I said, “what the hell, why not”? I thought it would be a quick in and out and I would end up with my girlfriends after but it turned out to be one of the best connections I have ever had in my life. The conversation never ended and we sat laughing and talking til the place shut down. I guess the saying is true… it’s not about what you are doing but who you are with. 

What was the biggest lesson from your worst breakup? The biggest lesson I have learned was that even though you can love someone very much it is sometimes better to let them go. If you keep holding on to the pain and sadness of not wanting to leave because of the fear of moving on, you are not only going to lose them, you are going to lose yourself too. 

Would you rather be loved, respected, or admired?  I would rather be loved. There is no greater feeling than looking at someone and knowing they accept you for all that you are both inside and outside. 

Are you a city traveler or nature explorer? Nature explorer 100%. Cities are too busy for me. I would rather go outside and sit on a beach than to be walking around a concrete jungle. 

What’s on your travel bucket list? There are so many places I want to see. Traveling and getting to experience new cultures is my favorite thing to do in the world. The current top three on my bucket list are going to Africa to watch the great migration, going whale watching off the coast of Cabo, and exploring all of Thailand. 

Where can our readers catch up with you and stay updated with your work? My most updated work is always on my Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. My handle to follow along on is @victoriasnooks. If you are looking for my more spicy content you can always check out my OnlyFans which is @snooks.