with Val Ree /@iamvalree

Photography by Igor Malakhov / igor__malakhov

HMUA Sonya Rasova / @rasova_makeup 

PR: Mariia Borovenska / @mariborovenskaya 

Valeria, welcome to Playboy Sweden Magazine, you are a popular opera singer in the USA, how did destiny tie you to opera? I think I was into music even before I was able to speak:) Music has always been a big part of my life. The first time I heard opera was when I was about 12. That was also the age when I started going to music school to study classical singing. I listened to a couple of songs by the famous Greek soprano Maria Callas and started copying the voice, and I did it really well! I never studied to be an opera singer at the institute. I was born with that gift. All I have to do is to protect my voice and keep it from the cold and the wind.

What is the most interesting and challenging part of your job? The most difficult thing is probably getting ready in time. It takes me a nightmare of a long time to make my lipstick. And I am very meticulous about the songs and the characters to perform on the stage. Everything has to be perfect for me! The best part is people’s response when I start singing. No one expects that such a sexy and fragile girl like me can have such a strong voice.

What does the stage mean to you? Life! I love to convey emotions to the audience and get great love in return. I adore to reincarnate on stage, to be someone else. It brings me a very special pleasure.

Do you often wear revealing outfits when you perform? I don’t think my outfits are explicit. They just accentuate my appearance. 

How do you relax after a busy tour? I love to take a warm bath with foam, and aroma oils and I must have some jazz playing. All the tension seems to dissolve into water.

Tell us about your amazing Playboy shoot. Is it true that it was in an iconic L.A. location – the city’s main theater? Yes! My incredible team arranged to shoot in the Los Angeles Theater. It was an extraordinary experience. The theater is the French Baroque-style site and over 100 years old ! I did all the characters myself. The shoot was very hot! I’m thrilled with the results.

Valerie, we noticed a lot of candles in your photography, do you like candles? There is something fascinating, mysterious and magical about candles. Every night when I come home I light candles. They inspire my crazy ideas! And it’s beautiful! For the photoshoot we used LA-based brand Vogue Candles (voguecandles.com).

You see them at many celebrity events including the Kardashian family, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, LeBron James, Dr Dre, etc, they provide unique candlelight concepts for each event.

Vogue Candles specialize in luxury candlelight staging services, offering a unique and sustainable way to create phenomenal candlelight decor for any occasion: an intimate diner, proposals, weddings, photo and video shoots, real estate staging, and product launches.

They transformed candle décor from “an afterthought” to an exquisite experience of breath-taking lightscape ambiance.

What’s the most exciting city in the world for you and why? It’s difficult to answer this question. Because every city has its own charm.

In your opinion, what makes a girl really sexy?  Self-confidence. Many people don’t understand what it means to be really sexy. Composure and the acceptance of her distinctive features are what makes a girl truly seductive. A true woman does not worry but mesmerizes. Likewise, charisma, inner strength, intelligence and a sense of humor are at the core of sexuality.

Do you have a place of power? Of course, I do! My place of energy is my bed! It sounds ridiculous, but when I’m lying on my bed relaxed and contented, the most incredible ideas, thoughts and melodies come to me! 

What traits do you find most attractive in men?  Every woman has her own idea of a manly man. The must-have qualities in men for me are responsibility, care, an exceptional sense of humor, self-reliance, charisma, and of course, generosity!

In what places for rest you would like to return again? Probably Italy. I love the local atmosphere, cuisine, wine and fun.

Valeria, in a photoshoot for Playboy Sweden, you appeared in luxurious jewelry. Tell us about them? And what is the jewelry you choose most often for going out? I adore precious jewelry. After all, as Marilyn Monroe said, “diamonds are a girl’s best friends”. They can cheer me up in seconds! For my shoot, I chose jewelry by TZURI. It’s jewelry in the shape of a pencil and has a deep meaning: freedom of expression. And that’s exactly what I’m doing in my life.

What would you like to wish our readers? This is the first month of 2023. And I want to wish everyone peace, love, inspiration for new achievements and lots of fun adventures. We only have one life, and we must live it with pleasure!