Young at Heart!

Natasha James / @by.natasha.james

Photography by Mila Zvereva / @mila_zvereva 

PR: Mariia Borovenska / @mariborovenska

Looking at your social media pages, it’s safe to say that you are a girl of the contemporary mood; you travel a lot and visit the most exciting places. Tell us which cities are your favorites, and where can they throw the most beautiful parties? My favorite cities in the United States are Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and New York; Paris and Dubai are outside of the US. These cities have some of the most vibrant nightclubs and social scenes in the world. In each of those, I can find something distinct and entertaining to do. Whether it’s dancing at a club in Chicago, a trendy spot-on Melrose ave, or an exclusive party in London or Paris – there’s always something to do. Each city also has its unique characteristics that make them so special: from the breathtaking architecture of Paris to the eclectic mix of cultures in London – each one offers something unique! I also love exploring lesser-known cities worldwide that offer great opportunities for adventure and discovery, like Doha in Katar or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. These are places where I can immerse myself in local culture, cuisine, and nightlife. No matter where I go, I always stop by the iconic landmarks and monuments while also seeking out off-the-beaten-path experiences. With social media making it easier than ever to follow me on my travels, the world is becoming more accessible to everyone. And that’s why discovering unknown places or attending unique parties or events around the globe has become a passion of mine – it feeds my spirit of exploration. Furthermore, it encourages me to learn more about different cultures!

Imagine you have 7 days of vacation that you need to have as much fun as possible, what would you choose? If I had seven days of vacation, I would use the time to explore a new destination. I love experiencing different cultures and learning more about local customs. Of course, my itinerary would vary depending on where I go, but generally speaking, it would involve sightseeing, attending interesting events and activities, and trying out the local cuisine. The first stop on my trip would be exploring the city’s iconic landmarks – like visiting famous cathedrals or towers in Europe or marveling at Santorini’s views in Greece. I would also make some day-long trips to places of natural beauty, like exploring the amazing European countryside or taking a safari in Africa. I also love attending cultural events, so I would look up music or art festivals or visit any local historical sites nearby. Also, sampling their food is a great way to learn about a new culture! Whether getting pizza in Rome or trying out exotic dishes from Asia – trying different cuisines is always fun and helps me get closer to the local culture. Lastly, I would end my trip with some shopping and maybe even attend a party or two at night if there’s the time! I also would take advantage of my vacations; I’d look for unique experiences, like going scuba diving in Bali or taking a cooking class in Greece. No matter where I go, seven days provides just enough time to get a sense of the local culture and have some fun. It’s the perfect amount of time for an adventure!

If we talk about your profession as a model, what is the most difficult and interesting thing in your work? The most difficult thing about being a model is dealing with the pressure of constantly having to look perfect. As a model, you are always expected to look your best and maintain a certain level of physical perfection even when under stress. It can be very challenging to manage the pressures of maintaining an ideal body shape while also juggling work commitments, personal life, and staying healthy. At the same time, modeling is also incredibly rewarding. I love traveling around the world, meeting amazing people, and experiencing different cultures. Plus, I get to showcase my creativity in different photoshoots or fashion shows. Every experience has been unique and filled with opportunities for growth and learning, which has helped me become more confident in myself as an individual and a professional. Overall, I find the work of a model to be both fulfilling and challenging in equal measure. It isn’t easy to work but very rewarding, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

Tell us about the photoshoot for the Playboy cover? For that photoshoot, we decided to take in one of the unique places in the United States, Amangiri. It was my dream trip for a year. Eventually, God heard me and brought me there. Everything was perfect, and I felt calm, relaxed, and happy. This photo session was special for me, even though it wasn’t my first time posing for the iconic Playboy magazine. So, I naturally wanted everything to be perfect; I spent hours in the Dior shop so the photographer could catch my style. Mila Zvereva captured some fantastic photos, now part of a great memory. We chose neutral colors for my clothing and accessories so that viewers could focus on my face and body without any distractions. The pictures were taken outdoors in a stunning landscape. Utah’s rocky terrain and the Antelope Canyon of Amangiri made me feel like I was on Mars. It was such a beautiful backdrop for the photos. We didn’t use make-up for that photo shoot like in previous sessions for Playboy magazines. Instead, I just curled my hair a little bit and showed the wild beauty of my natural look. I enjoyed every moment during this photoshoot, especially posing in front of the magnificent landscape of the Antelope Canyon with its rocky cliffs and red sand. I had to stand in various poses for hours, but eventually, we got the right shot. When I see those pictures, I still get goosebumps because they reflect the hard work and dedication of both me and the photographer. In conclusion, shooting for Playboy was a great experience, and I’m sure it will be unforgettable! It was one of the most amazing photoshoots I ever did. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Share the secret of how to stay so beautiful and feminine and simultaneously combine a successful career? Staying beautiful and feminine while succeeding in my career does not have to be a secret. However, I believe a few things help me stay balanced and keep reaching new goals. The first is taking care of myself both mentally and physically. I make sure to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, and take time to relax and unwind. I also set aside time for self-care, such as getting regular mani-pedis, facials, and massages. This helps me feel energized and ready to tackle whatever challenges come my way. Second, it is crucial to stay positive even when things don’t go as planned. It is easy to get discouraged but staying focused and motivated toward the end goal is essential. I remind myself why I am doing what I do and why it is necessary. Finally, I believe in surrounding myself with positive people who will encourage and support me. As a result, I have built a fantastic network of people in the fashion industry who understand what I do and can offer helpful advice or encouragement when needed. By taking these steps, I can stay beautiful and feminine while succeeding in my career.

Let’s talk about your education; what is your profession? I graduated with a degree in marketing in my home country Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I studied biology, nutrition, and web development in the United States at the University of Arizona. I am still looking for web design; my modeling career helped me even with my coding skills. I love combining my technical skills with my passion for fashion. My goal is to build creative websites that showcase fashion and beauty in a modern manner. I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals through nutrition, technology, and fashion. With the right tools, everyone can make their dreams come true!

Particular attention always belongs to your style; you have great taste, so tell us who helps you with your outfits. Are there any designers you like the most? I love fashion and am always looking for creative ways to express my style. I take a lot of inspiration from classic styles like Coco Chanel, but I also love experimenting with modern trends. My go-to designers are Dior, Prada, and Gucci because they represent timelessness and modernity. My friend from Detroit, Michigan. Matthew Komoroski helped me with Dior outfits and organization. He is a fashion lover and a fantastic businessman. Whenever I need advice, he always has something unique to offer. Actually, Matthew introduced me to the Dior style, which is now my favorite. He has excellent taste and can always come up with new ideas for us to explore.

In addition to the hobby of modeling, you are also studying to be a web designer. Tell us about your passion for web development. When it comes to web development, I have always been interested in technology and the way that different systems work together. Learning about programming and coding is incredibly fascinating and empowering. It’s fantastic to build a program from scratch and see the results of my hard work. I’m currently learning about react and python, as well as design, to create beautiful and practical applications for businesses and individuals. I have a strong passion for creating aesthetically pleasing websites that are user-friendly and functional. I love finding creative solutions to complex coding problems and pushing myself to create something unique every time.

Do you have places of power that allow you to recover after a strenuous work week? Probably it’s my apartment in Chicago. I feel at ease there with my cat. It’s a place of rest, relaxation, and inspiration. I love spending time there with my friends; they are my family – it is a place of peace and calm where I can recover after a busy week. I also find that the city itself is an excellent place for recovery. There are many inspiring places in Chicago – from art galleries to parks and beautiful buildings. I also enjoy visiting nature when I can; going on hikes helps me clear my head and appreciate the beauty of nature. And if everything else fails, a massage or spa day is always an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long week.

How do you combine your studies in web design with modeling? I love combining my studies of programming with my passion for fashion. Web design, like fashion design, also allows me to apply and explore the beauty of lines, shapes, textures, and colors. As a result, I can create visually appealing websites and help people with their fashion needs. For example, I’m currently designing a website for a boutique that sells designer clothes for high-end clients. By combining my knowledge of web design and fashion, I will be able to create an aesthetically pleasing platform where people can find the latest trends and purchase items conveniently.

Tell us about your dreams and plans; what does the girl who reflects the era’s mood want? My biggest dream is to make a lasting impact on the world. I want to build a platform that helps people achieve their goals and live better lives. This could be done through inspiring websites, nutrition education, or even designing clothes for those who need them. I also want to continue my modeling career and explore different parts of the world. I want to use this opportunity to learn about other cultures and make meaningful connections with people worldwide. Ultimately, I want to become an example of how passion, hard work, and dedication can help us accomplish anything we set our minds on. My goal is to be a role model for young girls and show them they can do anything they dream of. I want to be the face of a new era that values creativity, kindness, and compassion. We all have a chance to make the world a better place if we work together and strive for greatness. That’s my dream!