with Liya silver / @yourliya

Photography by Damien Etcheverry / @damienetcheverryphotographe

Videographer Malckom Valentino / @valentinostudioparis

HMUA Benoit Claverie / @claveriebenoit

PR & Producer Valentina Gurova /@valentinagurova

Stylist Aurore Donguy /@auroredonguy

Such an absolute honor to have you on Playboy! What are you currently working on? Basically, I’m engaged in the maintenance of social networks and platforms.

What is your idea of a really good time? For me, one of the best ways to spend time is walking, traveling, interesting acquaintances, and creativity.

Top 3 best moments of your career? Unforgettable first filming experience, awards, and making best friends along the way in my career.

What would you say is your signature look? As for my signature look, for shooting I prefer to use daring looks, smoky eyes, latex, and high heels, in real life, I am more reserved.

What is the fastest way to get a smile on your face? Any pleasant conversation and a good sense of humor with the interlocutor.

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities? Of all the outdoor activities, I prefer horseback riding and skiing.

Never have I ever… denied myself my desires.

Top 3 myth busters when it comes to models? A myth that it is difficult for models to build relationships; I have met many interesting couples in this area. Next, a stereotype about age – age is not important if you keep yourself in shape. Finally, the stereotype about thinness – every girl can find an interesting project for her type.

What is the best way to approach you as an admirer? Don’t be banal, be creative in your actions. I remember a fan waiting for me at the hotel where I was staying to give me a portrait of myself, it was very cute.

We are so happy to have gotten to know you a little bit! Any last words out there for our readers? It was a pleasure to answer your questions, beauty will save the world!