Sun-kissed Beauty

with Playboy Finland August 2022 cover star Christina Wonder / @officialrealjunglegirl

HMUA Kevin Matthews @casuallyuptight

Happy to have you feature on Playboy! Can you give us a bit of a background on your career as a model and where it all started? Thank you so much for having me! I am from Ecuador! I grew up listening to and watching Puerto Rican music and music videos. I idolized the women on camera! They were always sexy, sultry, and confident. I found it powerful and artistic. The musicians/artists always had powerful, sexy women as their muses and the subject of the song/video. I started out directing my very first shoot with my best friend and i was hooked! I slowly became known for my foot modeling, then found self-love in feeling sexy and sensual with each photoshoot along the way.  

What are some of your best career highlights so far? Coming to the US, from Ecuador- with a small dream of becoming a confident model, led me to grow my creativity and confidence! Now, look at me on the cover of Playboy. I also am a content creator/influencer. 

Social media is a very powerful tool, given your massive following, what are some of the challenges you face when it comes to marketing your brand and maintaining a solid following? A challenging favor in being an artistic sensual model, is being able to show it off on IG. I’ve worked hard to get this sexy body and show the camera… Anyone can look sexy on camera, only a few can make it look creative. 

Can you give us a breakdown of a typical day in the life of a glamourous model on set? I make sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep. I make sure I eat healthy; I do cardio and show up to my shoot ready for hair and makeup! It’s always a must for me to stretch my face and body. During shooting, I make sure to let the camera capture each favorite angle to show off my sexy body parts. After a shoot I enjoy getting a massage, having a nice meal, and relaxing at home! I always think about what poses or style I could’ve improved on.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about what you do? The biggest misconception is that I’m only into looks. I’m more into men that challenge me and inspire me intellectually. Also, that it’s easy being a pretty model. I’ve built myself this way to bring in revenue and exposure. It takes a lot of confidence, self-help, training as well as time investing in myself. 

Now we know there are some pretty perks that come with being a beautiful woman, what would say are your favorite ones? Realizing the massive power of my feminine mystique. Like Marilyn Monroe says: “a wise girl knows her limits. A smart one has none!” I am able to pick and choose what is best for me. Opportunities seem to always be available for me, it absolutely keeps me growing and growing. 

Given that you’re a stunning woman who undoubtedly gets a lot of attention, what are some of the nicest things men have done to try and get your attention? Caring for me when I am sick. An ex-partner washed my hair and styled it for me once. It was so sweet watching him put in the effort. 

What makes you feel absolutely sexy? I feel my sexiest knowing I can intrigue a man by simply being me. Being myself in front of the camera, being seen, getting your attention.. I love that. I want men to enjoy seeing my favorite parts of myself. 

3 things that you can’t go a day without? Sunbathing, Fiji water, and selfies!

Anything exciting we should be on the lookout for coming through this year from you? Yes! I am working on starting my own Ecuadorian coffee business and turning myself into an NFT!

Where can our readers find out more about you and stay updated with your current events and adventures? You can find me on IG @officialrealjunglegirl.

Thank you so much for sitting down with us and letting us get to know you! Any last words? Don’t let anyone stop you.