Absolutely Smashing

with Gianna Grey / @giannagrey_

Photography by Ryan Dwyer / @letshoot

PR Services @mainstreetproductions

Hair & Makeup by Taylor Jazz


Such an honor to have a gorgeous and talented beauty on the cover! We’re curious to know how your journey has been as one of the most respected models in your industry. I feel honored to be featured in such a worldwide renowned lifestyle brand such as Playboy! My journey has been unexpected and exciting. It has been challenging at times, but that has shown me it takes perseverance to overcome obstacles. With a positive mindset and setting goals for yourself, the world is your oyster! 

Given your obvious stunning good looks and striking features, tell us a bit about where you’re from? I owe my skin tone and features to my family. I’m basically a mutt that has ancestry all over Europe. From Ireland, to Italy and the Middle East to name a few. 

Tell us something surprising about you? Most people are surprised that I have my bachelor’s degree with honors from California State University, Fullerton. And that I’m pursuing my Master’s degree as well. I like to say that I’m a closet nerd. Or… a sexy one for Halloween!

Living through a global pandemic has been challenging for all of us, what would you say has been the most challenging thing for you thus far? It was definitely a challenge in some respects, to say the least. I tried very hard to focus on the positives and not let myself get entangled in all of the negative energy and fear that was going around. So it turned out to be a pretty darn good year for me in spite of the pandemic. I’m grateful for that. 

What are some of the things you like to do, behind the cameras and all the glitz and glamour? I love to travel and get immersed in other cultures. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a foodie as well. Fun fact about me… I traveled all over Europe by myself for a month a couple of years ago, staying at a variety of hostels and adventuring with anyone I would meet. It was an experience of a lifetime. 

If we were to try and sweep you right off your feet, what are some of the things you look for in an ideal partner? An intelligent, adventurous, confident man with a great sense of humor. Ideally for me, one that will let me be myself and be free to express myself in a variety of ways. I am a natural flirt and also am bisexual, so he mustn’t be the jealous type or controlling… it would be a monumental disaster. I’m dorky and quirky and a character flaw I do have is that I’m very impatient .. so I also need him to be patient. Well endowed would be a nice bonus too. 😉

And what would make you go running in the opposite direction as fast as possible? Jealous, controlling and insecure types are not for me. Confidence and intelligence are sexy in my book and go a long way. 

You’re a seemingly talented lady, what are some, if any, of your hidden talents not many people know about? Not many people know that I’m a good dancer. And I love music of all kinds, so it comes in handy. I also love to write! Apparently, according to me professors, I am very good at it. I express myself better on paper than with words. I’m a pretty good cook and getting better. I enjoy making a meal for friends or the man in my life when I can. I’m good at paddleboarding and love ocean sports of all kinds. Surfing is next on my bucket list to do. Does anyone want to teach me? Lastly, I’ve been told I’m a great kisser. I hope so because I love kissing so much. Maybe it’s from practice? Lol.

What makes you feel sexy? When I am ready to go out and my hair and makeup are on point and I’m wearing a sexy outfit with amazing pumps. Confidence is always sexy as well. 

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why? If I could have any superpower it would be the ability to fly. This is something for the fearless. Having the ability to see the world from a new perspective would be exciting. 

What can we expect from you this year? Any major plans and exciting things we can look forward to from you? I want to continue to promote my modeling career and increase my fan base. I am always appreciative of the love and support from my fans. There are some things in store for Gianna Grey, but you’ll have to continue to follow my journey to find out!

It has been a true pleasure getting to know you! Any last words? It’s been an honor to be featured. I love Playboy and what it stands for. Having the ability to share your sexuality freely, a freedom that women once didn’t have, is a blessing. Not to mention there has been such iconic women who have been featured in Playboy. I learned from them, and to be following in their footsteps is a privilege.