When was the last time you bought a new piece of furniture for your living room? If you’re like me, it’s probably been at least a couple of years. As we all know, furniture is expensive and can be daunting to purchase. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dare to experiment with bright, bold objects, and you’ll instantly lift any room’s look and mood. Case in point: Orijeen’s sleek, futuristic cabinets, which don’t just add a pop of color to a room — they offer an entire spectrum.

The Korean design studio just dropped its “Color Flow” collection, which consists of a wardrobe and sideboard that change colors depending on where you sit or stand. Both items use “lenticular” technology to create gradient surfaces, creating an illusion of depth that is meant to “remind the user of their relationship with the objects,” per Design Boom. (See, look how much you’re thinking about your furniture already.)

The line is only limited to two items, with the freestanding dresser displaying shades of greens and blues and the ovular sideboard flashing blues and pinks. Need convincing? Watch the storage pieces in action here.