Nannette Hammond is a beauty on a mission!

Nannette Marie Hammond is a stunner born in Cincinnati,Ohio
in 1974. We Sat down with the bombshell to ask her a few questions on all things Nannette and this what she had to say!


Photography by Bruce Colero

What are your Ambitions?

I want to form an ARMY of Human Barbie’s!

Oh wow!What do you like about men?

I like muscular, powerful men that smell yummy and are very sensual.

Very interesting, on the other side of the same coin, what do you hate about men?

I do not like men that have bad hygiene, are un-kept in their appearance, and/or are overly cocky!

Fair enough! What do you like in general?

Too often people JUDGE others based on their exterior looks and not their character!This Barbie loves to make “crafty” things, work hard, and keep a clean whip!

Photography by Bruce Colero
We can respect that! Do you have a Secret Dream?

I would be trapped on my own Barbie Island with 7 men that looked like Christiano Ronaldo. Each day of the week their only job would be to please me.

Ok!what about your dream holiday?

Any holiday that involves me being pampered, wined, dined and ravished, is a Dream holiday to me.

Photography by Bruce Colero
What makes you feel sexy?

It’s the curves of my lower back. The way I play with my hair as I bite my lip. The way I carry myself with confidence – that is sexy to me. Own your sexiness no matter what.

Final question, what is your life motto?

I encourage EVERYONE to live a life others don’t understand – Be you.