cover playmate-rosanne-katon

Before posing for Playboy in 1978, Rosanne Katon had already established a thriving acting career. (In fact, her co-stars, in different projects, included Playmates Jean Bell and Lillian Müller.) The role of Playmate was a natural fit for the New Yorker, who was frequently cast as a sex kitten in racy comedies and who projected sex appeal and substance in equal measure. She was independent and knew what she wanted. “I have no desire to have anyone support me. If anything, I want a guy who’s smarter than I am, not richer,” she said. “I like men who are very quiet about their sexuality—who don’t have to knock you down with it.” Rosanne continued to act and in 1981 was the first African American selected as Miss Golden Globe. She also pursued stand-up comedy and appeared in our June 1991 Funny Girls pictorial. For decades, Rosanne has been a humanitarian and activist, working closely with a nonprofit disaster-relief organization. (We told you she had substance.)

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