It’s an Endless Summer for Dre Davis

By Lauren Perlstein

If Dre Davis’ arresting blue eyes and sunny blonde hair look familiar, it’s because you might know her better as Sara Harvey on Pretty Little Liars (the show just wrapped its final season in June). But Dre, who’s also a novelist, isn’t interested in slowing down. We got to talk to her about some of her favorite things, while photographer Lauren Perlstein captured actress/writer in her natural element: carefree and under the summer sun.

Photography by Lauren Perlstein.
Styling by Shea Daspin.
Hair and makeup by Mia Santiago.

  • What makes you feel most beautiful?
    When I stand up for myself. And wearing black. Black is my power color.

    What’s the coolest thing a guy has done for you? What about the lamest thing?
    The coolest was when someone read one of my novels. That’s a big investment, obviously. The lamest was when a guy perpetually name-dropped on our first and last date.

    Melody x Ehsani x Reebok shirt, Araks shorts, Nike sneakers

    What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

    What’s your perfect day like?
    Being on set and delving into a character. That’s my happy place.

    Araks halter top, Levi’s shorts, stylist’s own sunglasses

    Who’s another actress you would love to do a scene or film with?
    Cate Blanchett and Jessica Lange have been inspirations of mine for quite some time. I would also love to work with Viola Davis. I’ll stop here, as this could turn into a very long list – I adore so many actresses!

    Levi’s Made & Crafted shirt, Dre’s own necklace

    What’s something no one would know about you unless you told them?
    I really love to organize and clean. It gets a little neurotic and I love it. I also live very light in case I have to fly away somewhere.

    What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? The worst?
    Being called smart is my favorite compliment. It’s more profound than someone commenting on aesthetic. The lamest would be “nice ass cheeks,” as shouted by a man on the street. Anything shouted on the street will just never work.

    What’s next on the horizon for you?
    I have some things lined up in the city but hopefully flying away somewhere very soon.