Looks Like They Just Put Ferrari Race Tracks On Cruise Ships Now

By Andrew Daniels

Cruises are great if you like pizza buffets, poor cell reception and getting diarrhea. And I LOVE those things, so I love cruises. Sadly, those classic cruise hallmarks are losing their place in the spotlight, because today’s modern vessels are pulling out all the bells and whistles. You’ll find everything from ziplines to breweries to planetariums on these tricked-out ships, and the newest headline-grabbing attraction may be the craziest yet: a Ferrarirace track.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has partnered with Ferrari to build a two-level track for drivers to race Ferrari-branded go-karts up to 40 miles per hour on the upcoming Norwegian Joy, which makes its inaugural sail out of China on June 27. The ship, which weighs 168,000 gross tons and can hold 3,850 passengers, also boasts hovercraft bumper cars—excuse me, HOVERCRAFT BUMPER CARS—and an interactive virtual reality theater, per Travel+Leisure.

Here’s a trailer for the cruise ship, because why not have a trailer for a cruise ship:

The track will be decked out in signature Ferrari red, and there will also be a Scuderia Ferrari watch shop next door, in case you were wondering if the Italian carmaker paid a lot of money for this.

And should you decide to pay a lot of money for this and spring for a stay in the ship’s Haven or Concierge classes, you’ll get a number of free rides on the track. I’d like to think this is how Billy Zane would’ve chosen to spend the majority of his time on the Titanic, if the Titanic had a two-level Ferrari race track on board.